Religious Education

The purpose of our Religious Education Programs (REP), here at St. Philomena, is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to our students and their families. We strive to support the faith life of families, knowing that it is in the domestic church of the home, that faith blossoms and is nourished. Nothing can replace the experience of faith taught and practice in the household. Parents are the main catechists of their children, precisely because they are the parents. Therefore it essential that catechesis is the faith development of the entire household.


Our programs provide religious education to children adolescents, and adults in need of the Sacraments.  



          *   Through forming a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we will build a strong foundation for a lifelong discipleship. 

          *   It is essential that our programs create a nurturing community for households to grow in faith, providing opportunities for conversion and formation, not only for those in the program but for their families as well. 

          *   Through catechesis, we will encourage all to know and respect other cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. Catechetical materials will accommodate cultural, racial, and ethnic pluralism, the concerns of particular groups, and persons with special needs. 

          *   Provide opportunities for ongoing faith formation. As each person's faith matures, ongoing catechesis is needed to help individuals observe, explore, interpret, and judge their life experiences, ascribe Christian meaning to their lives, and act according the norms of faith and love. 

          *   The truths of our faith should be presented at every age to allow for an ever deepening understanding and growth in lived faith. 

          *   A correct understanding of experiential learning includes recognition that the entire faith community is an important part of the experience of the child: households, catechists, and faith community all have essential roles in the catechesis of the young.