Adult Volunteers


Our Religious Education Programs thrive bevause of the participation of our wonderful volunteer catechists and aides. Offering one's time and talent is an excellent way to give witness to our faith. There are many opportunities for volunteer service in our Religious Education program. 


Catechists are adult parishioners who teach children enrolled in our Religious Education Processes about the wonder of God each week. This commitment to our children is a way of giving back to God in gratitude for His generosity. There would be no Religious Education sessions were it not for our volunteer catechists. Parents of children who are in the processes are encouraged to consider becoming a catechist. Training is provided through workshops. 

Catechist Aide

Aides assist the catechist during each class session. Ideally we should have two adults in each classroom. Training is provided though workshops. 

Substitute Catechist

They substitute in the absence of a regular catechist. 

Reception Setup & Clean-up

For special events, like our Catechetical Sunday Celebration reception, Religious Education Congress Hospitality, Christmas party, etc., we need assistance in helping prepare the reception, go shopping for needed items, etc.